Map and Satellite are sophisticated curtains made from Trevira CS, designed by Vibeke Rohland. Both offer an elegant structure resembling embroidery and feature a gridded pattern of coloured dots on a complementary background colour, which create subtle colour nuances. However, whilst the fabrics share key characteristics and complement each other well, each has a very individual expression.

The pattern for Map features two areas of dots in two different colours, which play across the width of fabric. These areas meet in middle of the textile and overlap to form eye-catching colour nuances. This gives the curtain a vibrant expression that is reminiscent of a map. In addition, the look of Map changes with the perspective of the viewer: from a distance it appears as if the pattern is created by solid colours, but as the viewer gets closer, the different coloured dots emerge, revealing how the perceived colour is created.

Each colour setting for Map consists of three different colours: the base tone of the fabric and dots in two different colours. This creates a variety of intriguing and surprising tones in each colourway.

Vibeke Rohland was inspired to create Map by the idea of creating an, ‘active yet controlled textile’, which ‘becomes an abstract landscape where colours blend and create new forms and colour experiences’.

Photo Kvadrat