Scott is an elegant upholstery fabric made from Trevira CS, designed by Vibeke Rohland. Very individual, it stands out for the way it combines rich colour nuances that create a vibrant yet subtle play across its surface. Scott is also available in a variant called Scott Care: this version has the same look and feel as Scott when upholstered, but has a special finish and backing, which makes it ideal for healthcare, restaurants and other places where soil and water resistance may be required.

Scott Care’s surface is treated with a C6 finish, a treatment with a lower environmental impact than other fluorocarbon alternatives, which makes it water and soil repellent. The fabric also has a backing made of polyurethane, a better choice in terms of human health and the environment than PVC. The backing prevents penetration of fluids while offering good breathability, ensuring Scott Care is very comfortable, and remains so when sat on for a long time. In addition, thanks to these features, Scott Care is easier to clean than traditional Trevira CS, though regular cleaning and immediate stain removal is recommended to ensure a long life span.

Scott and Scott Care share the same sophisticated colourways. These range from cool blues to warm reds. Each colourway consists of a blend of 10 contrasting tones, which neutralise each other to deliver a clean, balanced look.

At first glance the fabrics have a simple expression, but under closer inspection they reveal complex interactions between the different colours on the warp and weft yarns. Vibeke Rohland: ‘My goal was to contrast the colour nuances, to create a play in the expression of the fabric. One can go on a colour expedition in each colourway.’

The idea of balancing contrasts is a theme that underpins much of Vibeke Rohland’s intuitive and uncompromising work. At first, many of her designs appear simple but, when given a closer look, reveal details that challenge the initial perception of the viewe

Photo Dorte Krogh
Photo Kvadrat