Biennale for Craft and Design 2015

Biennale for Craft and Design 2015



Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design

The subtile vs. the extravagent, the imperfect vs. the flawless and the mass produced vs the unique are some of the contrasting themes I’ve worked with for many years through themes, specific methods and exploration of the textile craftmanship.

CrossRoads/Scott 149 x 310 cm. Handpainted on industrially produced ”Scott” Upholstery designed by Vibeke Rohland for Kvadrat.
CrossRoads/Black 152 x 310 cm. Painted on industrially produced Denim.

As such the project becomes a part of a continous progressive process in which these two works of textile momentarily constitutes a result in a self-developing process.
The concept ”Roads” is the unaccounted for factor that occurs at the execution of any new work and project, new roads out of and leading on, opening up to new projects and works, like a summing up world of concepts that paradoxically but inevitably again opens up towards new roads.
”CrossRoads” (Title) where the stringent craftmanship and art in a free unfolding encounter is where the roads crosses – and through newly recognized interpretations, through my techniques in a further simplification and purification of my idiom, a personal interpretation of the craftmanship becomes manifest.
The materials are heavy industrial textiles harboring each their own story. These become encamped in a color foundation which is further worked over with silkscreen printing and painting.
The complex, the simple and most fragile comes together in an abstraction of the repetition.