Erasure No. 10-22

Erasure No. 10-22



Self Initiated

ERASURE 10-22 is a consequence of ERASURE 1-10 from 2019, executed during a 3 month residency at the Danish Art Workshop and supported with Kvadrat´s velvet Harald.

ERASURE is the self-referential title of a series of textile objects created from produced textiles, suggest the process of modification of these by which a new identity becomes manifest, making them separate and unique works.

Velvet is an important factor seen as a seductive fabric used by nobility since 2000 BC in ancient Egypt and China from where it travelled to Italy. Being a symbol of rank and wealth demonstrated by yellow, red and blue as primary colors.

Rohland has removed/erased the colour from the material, thus the self-referential title “Erasure”. What is left, the traces of Rohlands physical work using brush, silkscreen and other tools to remove the identity of the produced becomes her claiming its identity.

Using the original color of the fabric for framing is important as Rohland thereby establish a dialogue between the language of colour and silence of same through erasure, a dialogue visualised through the traces she leaves behind and whereby each single work in its own translated form transcends into an object.