In A Slow Manner

In A Slow Manner



Le Bicolore at Maison du Danemark

In this day and age, perhaps more than ever, we long for physical, tactile experiences, and a slower pace. Time to reflect; to let the mind wander abstractly toward inspiration, returning
to the fundamental elements that matter. For In A Slow Manner, ten artists – spanning a vast range of generations, intentions and iterations – have been invited to exhibit sculpture in two and three dimensions, wall tapestries and light objects, thus showcasing various approaches to textile art today.

Sweeping questions manifest: How does a draped surface of Saturn look? Can you classify colours through a mathematical formula? What happens when you erase colours from fabric – or dip textile sculptures into porcelain? Does a draped fabric lose its three-dimensional shape if you pho- tograph it and present it on a flat surface? How long does it take for folded cotton to fade once exposed to sunlight? Is a daybed less functional if the sitting surface is made of 203 foam balls, each covered with exquisite mohair fabric?

Curated by Henriette Noermark.

Vibeke Rohland’s ’Erasure’ is a project aimed for exhibition in Denmark, USA and from January 2021 at Maison du Danemark in Paris as a part of the group show “In A Slow Manner”.
Supported with Kvadrat’s velvet Harald, Vibeke Rohland’s Erasure attempts to establish a dialogue between the language of colour and silence. The project is described by the artist as a dialogue visualised through the traces she leaves behind and whereby each single work in its own translated form transcends into an object.
Vibeke Rohland: “The choice of fabric was very important to me in this project. From the perspective of history and tradition I chose velour, a seductive fabric used by nobility since 2000 BC in ancient Egypt and China from where it travelled to Italy (Lucca and Florence) that became the center of production from 1400-1600. As a symbol of rank and wealth demonstrated by its depth of yellow, red and blue colour and material, it had and still has a certain demonstration of power built into its appearance and use."

Exhibited: ERASURE NO 18 and 19. - Velour 200 x 145 cm. Mixed materials.
ERASURE Series no. 18 and 19 excetuted 2020 is from the series ERASURE NO 1-30 / 2019-21.
Extract from Kvadrat webside Collaborations/Art