Danish Design Center

SignLingo is an exhibition about signs that intensifies, ironizes, or neutralizes each other. Vibeke Rohland’s sign language stands out plainly and clearly in the design of t-shirts, cushions, and long lengths of fabric. When the individual sign is repeated in the design of the textile it forms patterns, which Vibeke Rohland gives humoristic titles such as Stand Stills, Pill Stills, Light Bulb de Lux, Abstract Archaeology, Recognition, Drugstore, and Target. Vibeke Rohland uses textiles to communicate opinions, and has with her strong symbols and patterns attracted attention both in the artistic world and in the industry.

By Nanna Milthers and Louise Christensen

Exhibition views, Pillows in chill-out zone, T-Shirt sold at the Danish Design Center, Poster.
Music: Ambient-Loup by Soul Anders aka DJ Wunderbaum
Photo Dorte Krogh