PlusMinus, home collection for HAY 2004, derived from PlusMinus previously exhibited in 1994, 1995, 2000, 2003 as single textile objects. The sign Plus/Minus is a modern take on yin and yang.

Plus with a Minus within is a beautiful graphic form, in many ways representing something we all recognize in the everyday, as well in its pulsating life as in emotions.
Furthermore Plus/Minus is what stands out, the unaccountable that lies beyond the calculated and in this way it becomes a metaphysical representational sign for any calculation, one that only exists in the spoken language – This sign is the physical formulating of what we cannot precisely formulate in thought and thus becomes a metaphysical equilibrium.

Photo 1-4 + 9-10 Kira Brandt

Photos 5-7 Own in studio

Photo 8 Lars Gundersen