“CrossRoads” Solo exhibition at Gallery Superobject presenting textile objects on textile and paper, painted and silkscreen printed. The materials used are industrial denim and Vibeke Rohlands upholstery design Scott for Kvadrat 2011. For many years Rohland has worked with contrasting themes such as the subtile vs. the extravagent, the imperfect vs. the flawless and the mass produced vs the unique through themes, specific methods and exploration of the textile craftmanship in a free unfolding encounter at the ”CrossRoads".

Photo Dorte Krogh

The work of textile artist Vibeke Rohland seems almost as if they by nature are playful constellations of contrasts. The subtle versus the expressive, the flawed versus the perfect and the mass-produced versus the unique, are just some of the contrasting themes often found in Rohland’s work. These themes are the results of an approach where subject and method is explored and developed through years of continuous and curious work with the textile crafts. Through this wayward and focused working process utilizing textiles as storyteller and communicator, Vibeke Rohland manages to not only explore the possibilities and boundaries within the traditions of textile handicraft, but also to take her explorations to the next level, where it effortlessly becomes part of the contemporary arts. Rohland’s basic use of patterns and the perceived simplicity of geometry, allows her work to roam freely between the minimal and the maximal. Her artworks and artistic expression is described as strong, sensorial and surprisingly innocent, as her sense for materiality creates beautiful stories of and about the fine lines between art, design and craftsmanship. In this exhibition, manifested as a spatial, textile experience. CrossRoads is where the solid textile craftsmanship and tradition of Vibeke Rohland meets the free spirit of contemporary art. Industrial textiles and honest, basic products are transformed into a unique, immersive experience and a story about materialities.