Sort Blæk

Road/trip has an inherent duality, to follow a road and the intuitive dare. e landscape is mapped, the roads are drawn, but a roadtrip is an intuitive moving through the landscape, o en ignoring these mapped highways, these already discovered roads, choosing the smaller dusty roads, taking a chance at crossroads and so on.

Roadtrippin’ – is a construed word calling on the exploration but with the core word signifying awareness of direction, roadtrip, which no matter the seemingly unstructured movement through the landscape with no regards to maps, nevertheless has an endgoal, a getting there. e expressing oneself – the free untamed expression, trippin’ ,within the frames of the possible we ourselves set the standards for through ways of pushing the boundaries. is is what these works are about and signal. A conciousness of direction and expression and at the same time a pushing forward. Being concious of the possibilities of the landscape, its challenges and hidden possibilities for discoveries when not accepting the mapped roads, drawn for the easiest way to get from A to B but making one’s own updates of the general map’s authority, blur- ring lines and creating new frontiers and a landscape of your own mind – but always with the end goal included.

Materials: Denim, Cotton Satin, Gingham original dishtowels designed for Georg Jensen Damask 2005-06

Photo: Dorte Krogh