Erasure NO. 1-10

Erasure NO. 1-10



Self Initiated

Intuition, removal, cross-fertilization, cross-over
Working towards clarity
In the process a moderation occurs that eventually become the final work
The final work is a representation of the process that leads up to the final work
The process is an artistic creative process and the artwork in itself - the final work is thus a representation of the artwork -
The forgotten and the hidden – modern archaeology / tradition

In every work Vibeke make the process is consequently laid bare, which is evident with the book “BlackStar 1-180” for example – there is an agenda that rests upon that ”In the processs a moderation occurs which eventually becomes the final artwork”. This is within the terms of an aesthetic angle on process and work, that the final work is in itself a representation of the work that emerges out of a process making the process the actual artwork.

Therefore my works show visible traces of investigations, traces of formulations that include tradition and past, traces of a conciousness of the contemporary and traces of an intuitive breaking down of barriers between craft and visual art (which when it comes to all is the same) and I can go on, after all there is a reason why I at an early point (1995/96) made the exhibition Modern Archaeology at Esbjerg Museum of Art.

In my opinion it’s important to be concious about the past as well as being fully aware of the present, our being in the now, now, now in an endless row to be able to work towards clarity – just like the archaeologist who digs out the past to achieve knowledge of a coherence that leads to the present and thus points at a possible future.

This is why I feel I can position myself in a place from where I can work conceptually in a clarified manner, as from the gesticulate-borne to the vanishing point – moderating and erasing.

For instance in the exhibition ’CrossRoads’ (Gallery Superobject 2015) the consistency is the transverse brushstrokes that vary between the accenturated and the dissolved where simultaniously the choice is not a construction (a simulation on a pure untouched piece of cloth) but a deconstruction in terms of an intervention or procedure into a piece of industrially pre-fabricated piece of cloth, which in this series were my own designs for Kvadrat (gesticulate-borne procedure: moderation) and in my new series ’Vanishing Point’ the works are on prefabricated velour (gesticulate-borne procedure: erasing)

Excecuted at the Dansish Art Workshops. Recidency January-May 2019.
Materials: Velour, discharge, Yarn and tufting.

Photo Dorte Krogh